Introducing Masterworks


Thank you for taking a minute to learn more about MasterWorks Fine Home Renovations. 


I’m Steve Norman, owner, principal designer and builder at MasterWorks. My formal experience goes back to 1985 when I worked as a commercial and residential contractor in Los Angeles. In a short time, the business evolved into remodeling as a primary focus.


After a move to Oregon in 1992, I was awarded the opportunity to act as project manager and site supervisor on projects ranging from a few hundred thousand to 4 million dollars. These projects ranged from extensive whole-house renovations to several thousand square foot new homes. These homes featured swimming pools, underground parking, art glass skylights and much more. Executing these projects involved managing a large team of professionals such as structural, soil, civil and supervising engineers, architects, owners, sub-contractors, suppliers and company tradesmen, and women.


In addition to my work with clients, I have carried out extensive renovations on both my primary residences, residential income property and renovate-and-sell projects.


Today, our focus is on moderate to larger residential properties where quality is a top consideration for the project. We can add the perfect extra space to a home you already love or shape the spaces in your home so they express your unique taste.  With kitchen and bathroom renovations,  additions, whole house updating or a project of your vision, we seek to take the ordinary and make it exceptional. 


Please consider and call us when you’re planning your next project.


Best regards,


Steve Norman

Owner, MasterWorks Fine Home Renovations




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